Every time I see my daughter's toes, I am amazed. So, this is what it looks like when a foot is allowed to develop without constraining footwear...

Beautiful Toes

My kid's haven't always worn minimalist footwear, especially my oldest. By the time I was on to this she was already eight years old (she's twelve now). Lucky for her, it wasn't long enough to have caused much damage to those beautiful feet.

These days when our kids aren't barefoot (which is a lot of the time), they are either wearing stretchy warm socks or slippers indoors during the winter, and minimalist footwear as appropriate for the outdoors. Thankfully, minimalist options for kids are improving. Let's hope that trend continues.

Personally, I am looking forward to seeing this experiment through to the end... I can't wait to see what her feet look like when she reaches adulthood.