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Sole Runner or Feelmax

Hello everyone, I am new to this website and this is my first post. I am looking to buy minimalist everyday shoes and I am looking at both feelmax and sole runner. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with both that might help me choose. Thank you, Owen


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regular backpacking shoe

I see you recommend going minimal with ultralight hiking, would you wear a low-top trail minimal shoe with a 50 pound pack on your back as well?

shoe lasts

Hi, Here is a minimalist shoe lover. I want that my 3 years old boy to walk in minimalist shoes too, so I decided to produce healty shoes for him and for the others little feet.

Beside anatomical toe shape and wide toebox, how does the out sole shoe lasts must be? a flat one (toebox/the top is on the ground) or natural curved (where the toebox/ the top is up, it doesen't touch the ground)?

Thank you! C

office appropriate

i need some recommendations for a good leather shoe that i can dress up in. i'm new to being barefoot this month.....but i was quickly hooked. i'm all in at home, but my feet are not happy at work and it's only monday. Help!

plantar fasciosis

I believe from doing my own research I have plantar fasciosis. The pain is on the bottom of my foot right before my heel. It is worse in the morning and gets better through out the day. I recently bought my 1st pair of minimalist shoes (Lems Primal 2's) a little over a month ago.The pain started a week before i bought the shoes when i rolled my ankle. Is there anything I can do to alleviate this pain? I have been doing stretches I read about online and toe strengthening exercises. Thank you for any info.


Minimalistic shoe for wide feet?

Hi! I'm looking for a wide minimalitic shoe. I have KSO, which works ok. And Merrell embar glove which is a bit narrow. I bought the corecttoes large and love to spread out my toes, but i can't find a shoe that allow full movement.

How to i meassure the width of my feet? I'm from Sweden and are note familiar with the american widht system, 2E, 4E etc. From side of my big toe the widest part on the other side i meassure 11cm, and heel to toe 26cm.

I'm actually looking for two pair of shoes. One summer shoe width very good ventilation and a more covered version for spring and autumn which stands a light rain and wet ground. Any tips?

Thanks in advace, Toesalad is awsome

the idea of support in shoes

As I have been getting into the barefoot shoe world I keep wondering how did the idea of kids needing shoes with support (be it arch support, heel support or whatever else) come about? Most articles where I read about toddler/kids shoes specialists say that barefoot is the best and then so many of them go on to say that when buying shoes for your child you need to make sure it has enough of "support". How did that idea get started? I have been trying to read up about it, but have not been able to find anything. Anyone?

Bottom of heel pain

I've been wearing barefoot shoes for the last three months. I've only lightly exercised but am having some sharp pain now on the bottom of my heel. The pain is somewhat to the inside and a little higher than the very bottom of the heel. The pain is worse if I try to stretch to touch my toes.

Any suggestions? I tried going back to stabilized running shoes for walking but this actually made things worse, presumably because I heel strike in these shoes.

Thanks for any help!

Pain on top of foot

I've been trying to find an answer to this online but I'm not seeing anything so: I haven't changed anything I'm doing for exercise lately and I haven't changed the shoes I'm wearing or anything and as far as I know I haven't dropped anything on my foot but my right foot has started to hurt a lot while I'm walking in one spot on the top of my foot about an inch from the end of the toes, it doesn't hurt when I'm sitting/laying down. When I bend my toes down there is a slight amount Of pain but not as bad as it is when I'm walking on it and when I bend my toes up there is a large amount of pain as well as a tender feeling in the area. I have no idea what's happening but it's been like this for like 4 days now

I need a good boot

Hey, I've been poking around your website and decided you seem like the guy to ask my question. On the 3rd of June my husband and I will be going to the Olympic Peninsula and then also to Colorado. I was looking into the Lems Boulder Boot as an option for out hiking and camping excursions. I can't imagine that we will be able to make big big hikes because earlier this year I sprained my ankle pretty badly. I am interested in finding boots that will reduce the possibility of this EVER happening again because it sucks so much. Lems are interested to me because of the natural toe splay and flat sole (I think that this might reduce the possibility of my ankle rolling??) I seriously love hiking and hope that you may have a suggestion?? I also don't have a ton of money- the Lems are at the top of what I can pay. Any ideas? Thanks in advance,


Camper Pue

Does anyone have any experience of the Camper Pue range? They look good and flat and bendy, but I haven't actually seen a pair in the flesh and was wondering if they are worth the money? Pretty shocking price tag after all! Thank you.

Boots for an adventure race

I'll be competing in an adventure race next summer. It will be roughly 40 miles in 36 hours with a 40# pack. Terrain is hilly high desert.

I'm a semi-seasoned minimalist runner/walker, but have never tried rucking in minimalist footwear. My favorite boots to date for this sort of thing are the Rocky S2V's. While big heavy boots, the have zero drop and a very flexible sole. I used these in this same race two years ago and liked everything except the 3# weight.

I'm a little worried about something with a super thin sole. The terrain is very rocky, and I fear my feet will get beat up without at least a tiny amount of cushion.

Can anyone recommend some boots I should consider?

Proterra replacement

I have a pair of Merrell Proterras that have been on their way out for quite a while. These are hands down the most comfortable all purpose shoes I have ever had. I cannot find a suitable replacement for a minimal drop but fairly hardy shoe. Does anyone know of anything that could be a fit replacement?

Pouffie Question

Just read your article(s) on clothing a family for hiking and I had a question about the pouffies -- is there a reason you do synthetic over down?


I am looking for a light weight gaiter for summer hiking with my mid height hiking boots. Do you have a suggestion as to which might work best?

Vibrams KSO EVO for boating?

Hello there! I've been looking for a good pair of 'sandals' to wear for a boat that will keep me moving efficiently, but still give me comfort and grip. I ended up thinking about the ToeShoes after not having a lot of luck with standard closed toe sandals. After some looking at the Vibram's TrekSport sandals, I ended up trying on the KSO EVO's and found them really comfortable and mostly affordable. Anyone else think they'd be good for boating or no?

I personally think that the zigzag patterned treads will fit in well with the boats fiberglass 'grit' that is built into the boat to help with traction. Please let me know! Thanks guys! (And gals!)


Steal toe shoes


At work I am required to wear shoes or boots with a safety toe. I was wondering if there is a company that makes a minimalist steal toe shoe or at least one with a zero drop and wide tow box

Thanks! Mike

I need a shoe/boot that is good for running around quartz mines!

Hey guys! I'm going on a trip in a few weeks with my geology program, and we're going to be digging up some quartz at a quartz mine while we're there. I was thinking of wearing my NB minimus trails, but one of my professors was telling me that the quartz is very sharp, and that I'll at least want a shoe that has fabric that covers my ankles, since the quartz can cut like glass. Any ideas on some good minimalist boots that will fit my need? Or should I just buy some cheapo ones and throw them away after the trip?