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Human powered adventure almost always requires footwear. Your feet are your foundation; footwear and foot health can make all the difference between success and failure over both the short and long term.

Toe Salad is a publication dedicated to the health of active feet. We are the resource for walkers, runners, hikers, and backpackers who put health first.

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  1. tdtomlins says Is there a post of what your food purchases are throughout the trip?
  2. Debbie Jones says Really enjoying following along.
  3. Chris Rivers says Rachel (Buzz), myself, and a half a dozen other hikers lived with Ms. Janet for two weeks during our thru-hike. ...
  4. sharon.garlick says I love that lots of lovely surprises happened on Mother's day, what a treat. I was so surprised to see ...
  5. andreas says Finally catched up! I love the fact that season has changed from pre spring to spring to summer in the ...

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