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Human powered adventure almost always requires footwear. Your feet are your foundation; footwear and foot health can make all the difference between success and failure over both the short and long term.

Toe Salad is a publication dedicated to the health of active feet. We are the resource for walkers, runners, hikers, and backpackers who put health first.

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  1. abf says This is interesting but it doesn't really give enough info. For instance, you never tell us if in fact either ...
  2. Mark says I was not aware of this company. I have been wearing ToeSox for some time, but it looks like ToeToe ...
  3. 4jcallahan says Great episode! As John said, the audio commentary and music selections were well done. I particularly enjoy the segments in ...
  4. Damien Tougas says Thanks John, I appreciate the compliment! I actually enjoy the video editing process, it is a lot of fun (at ...
  5. John Sifferman says One of our favorite episodes yet! Can you guess why? :-) Oh, and excellent job on the editing, Damien - ...

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