The Primal Professional - Three Years Later

by Glen Van Peski

This weekend there was an article in the Wall Street Journal Off Duty section titled “Sneakers’ Time to Shine.” The gist of the article was how guys are more and more able to swap out their uncomfortable business dress shoes for the new designer sneakers. I had to chuckle at the conclusion that to be comfortable at work, you had to buy a $700 pair of sneakers.

A review of the ZEM Gear 360 XT

by Huib van der Wal

The ZEM Gear 360 XT is an all-purpose shoe that can be used for anything: hiking, running, daily use, or camp shoes. For all these purposes there are better options, but the ZEM Gear 360 XT is one of those shoes that does them all. And they're affordable too, so for a lot of barefoot beginners they will be a good shoe to start with.