Vibram FiveFingers Max Feel shoes

by Huib van der Wal

In 2013 Vibram launched the FiveFingers EL-X; their most minimal shoe to date, designed for low impact activities and light fitness. The EL-X was built on a completely new sole, created to provide the ultimate barefoot feel. Vibram now has a few models with this sole, all of which are in Vibram’s new Max Feel range. I will talk a little bit about these other models later on in this article.

Zero-Drop, Waterproof, and Trail-Ready, The Merrell Ascend Glove Gore-Tex ConnectFit

by Huib van der Wal

With 6mm of cushioning, 10.5mm of stack-height (the total thickness under your foot) and 0mm of drop, it is a bigger brother of the well-known Trail Glove that has 4mm of cushioning. This also means that the Ascend Glove has more insulation from the cold ground. On my December backpacking trip, there was one night where the temperature dropped below freezing. Although I had stored the shoes in the vestibule of my tent at night, and I was wearing thin socks, the Ascend Glove kept my feet warm in the cold morning...

Minimalist Dress Shoes for Women: The WildFlower Series

by Charity Johnson

It is safe to say that there are not many dressy minimalist options for women. We want shoes that support healthy feet every day, for all activities. This includes dancing the night away, but the availability of such shoes is virtually non-existent. Unshoes is moving forward with a solution to this problem: A minimalist sandal made specifically for that special occasion. Maybe it is your wedding day, maybe it is a concert, maybe it is work related, or maybe it is that one fun date night with your husband...

Minimalist and Winterized, the VIVOBAREFOOT Scott

by Huib van der Wal

I have been wearing the VIVOBAREFOOT Scott for some time now and I have been very pleased with it. We first mentioned this shoe in the VIVOBAREFOOT winter range write-up last fall. I wanted to write about the Scott's cold weather capabilities but winter hasn’t really started up in the part of Europe where I live (Toe Salad readers in North America will probably frown when they read this).