This weekend was planned for months. Our family, along with John Sifferman and a host of other family and friends were supposed to be hiking up Mount Katahdin - Maine's highest peak. Unfortunately the weather didn't want to cooperate, so rather than risk taking a group above the treeline in potentially heavy rain and lightning, we decided to cancel :-( Now of course, it looks like tomorrow may have been OK, but oh well, we had a lot of factors and had to make a decision before the forecast changed. We will have to plan another attempt, as the first trip had thwarted our goals as well.

About a month ago I wrote a brief post highlighting GoLite's new BareTech line scheduled for release this summer. Perhaps it was the skepticism in my voice - I'm not sure - but whatever the reason GoLite contacted me and invited me to see what they they have cooking.

This coming Friday I will be heading to the New England Footwear headquarters in New Hampshire for a show-and-tell session on the GoLite BareTech line of shoes. I would like to go with a pile of questions from the minimalist footwear community, so that is where you guys come in. What do you want to know about GoLite's new barefoot line? Do you have any thoughts, suggestions, or special requests? If you do please put them in the comments of this post. I will bring them with me when I go on Friday and write a follow-up post with the answers.

Before you comment, be sure check out Peter's excellent summary of the new lineup at Runblogger.