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Altra Lone Peak

I got some Altra Lone Peaks, women's. I might be the first!

I don't think I am capable of a full review, but I have to say these shoes are the perfect idea for me. Sometimes I don't want ground feel! I want a nice, normal, protective shoe for hiking and backpacking, with good traction but no arch support, motion control, raised heel or the other dumb things of standard footwear. Hooray for Altra making something minimal but not minimal! That's exactly what I've been waiting for!

My only issue is that I've got crazy Hobbit feet. Super wide with straight-across toes but small. I would get the men's version for the extra width but they don't come small enough for me. Without the insole, the women's version is just a tiny bit too narrow for one of my feet. (I can't wear them with the insole.) But so far it is not too bad.

I went for a nice power-walk today. Not enough hills to really give it a good try, but they feel great so far.


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They are not minimalist shoes so they do not have the ground feel and flexibility of minimal shoes. They feel like regular running shoes but with a little tiny bit more ground feel. I honestly do not want to feel all the rocks under my feet all the time and flexibility is not that necessary for all activities.

I took them out hiking and they were perfect. Rocks don't hurt. I don't have to hunt and peck through difficult sections. I can walk as fast as I possibly can and keep up with faster hikers. I don't have to constantly search the ground for a safe place to step. The sole is springy and there's decent traction. I absolutely LOVE the zero drop thing and combined with a decent amount of cushioning, this is the best of all worlds if you ask me.

Even the width problem wasn't that bad. I got no problems with my toes slightly touching the edges of the toe caps. There was a little pain once in a while when the ball of my foot which hangs over the edge of the shoe came down hard on the seam. I have this problem with regular running shoes, too, though.

I just wish they were wider. Then they'd be the perfect shoe.


I've worn them hiking a few more times. They've softened up a bit or stretched out and feel great. There is more ground feel than ordinary trail runners, but not a lot. Just enough to make it pleasurable in my opinion. I love hiking in them. I am wearing them every day lately. I feel really stable having the ability to place my foot flat and feel like my whole foot is on the earth rather than part of it out in space like with ordinary trail runners. And I like that they are real shoes, not sandals. They are secure on my feet for hiking and have great traction. I've crossed a few small creeks but haven't really had a chance to see how they are when wet. So far I have not slipped on any rocks. These are a real winner.


Your review is a lot better, more professional than mine.

I wore my Lone Peaks on a backpack trip in the snow. I hiked in snow up to my knees. My shoes were frozen in the morning. They felt fine on the way in but the last few miles on the way out I was getting tired of my toes bumping into the plastic toe caps. For shoes that are supposed to be wide in the toebox, I really need even more width in the toebox or else to take off part of the toe cap so that it doesn't bother my toes.

Otherwise, I love the cushion, the zero-drop and the good traction. Didn't slip on rocks while crossing creeks, not even mossy rocks or rocks with snow on them, although I tried to avoid the latter as much as I could.

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