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Barefoot Moe

Greetings Toe Salad!

I'm an avid barefooter from Toronto, Canada. I've been practicing a predominantly barefoot lifestyle for about 20 years. While I'm not a runner or a regular user of minimalist footwear, I think Toe Salad is a great venue for all of us to share important information about our lifestyle and the products we can rely on, whenever needed.

Please feel free to say hello and get in touch. I love meeting like-minded people and I'm always up for some virtual "footsies".

Keep 'em bare!


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Oh, and I forgot to mention that we do have a forum and a "product page" (listed under "Other" in the directory) for good old bare feet. So, if you decide to hang out here, those will probably be your favorite places...


While I wish I could be barefoot year-round, I'm afraid I'm not really a winter creature. I must confess I wear a variety of footwear during the winter, depending on weather severity and the occasion. For most part, when we are not facing any snow storms, I seem to favour a pair of Nike Free runners or a pair of Wind River slip-on shoes form Mark's (; unfortunately, I think they have discontinued the particular style I wear.

While none of these are truly "minimalist" shoes, I find that, by removing the insoles from both pairs, the shoes have become much more wearable. The Wind Rivers have a fairly thin rubber sole (similar material to Vibram soles) and a soft leather top, so they are almost like the Vivo Barefoot Aquas - at the fraction of the cost. I love these because I can kick them off easily whenever I sit down anywhere or in my car when driving.

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