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Basketball question

Anyone have any suggestions for a basketball player? My daughter fights shin splints. Her "basketball shoes" are ruining her feet and shins. She can't go barefoot in a basketball game. What do you recommend she wear?


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Yes, the shoes need to be non-marking. Do you know of anyone who has used minimalist running shoes for basketball?


Just a word of caution- while i fully support trying minimal shoes for basketball, she is going to need to build up the strength of her feet. I would strongly advise NOT just getting a pair of minimal shoes and then using them for regular basketball practice/games. My best advice would be to get her the minimal shoes, and have her use them for running first (making a slow transition- very short distances at first, with at least one day of rest in-between run days), and after her feet have strengthened a bit, then have her start using the minimal shoes for basketball. The reason i say this is because i think there is a lot of start/stop high impact running in basketball, and for feet that have been used to being in regular shoes, this is a recipe for injury. Juts my opinion, of course. Let us know how it works out for her.


Great advice treepatter. When it comes to non-marking soles, the only ones that I am aware of at the moment are a couple of the Inov-8 F-Lite models.


I think she might appreciate a little heel cushioning.<br> I can`t recommend a particular shoe, but try to find some with a flexible sole, room to spread her toes and fairly consistent sole depth from heel to toe (not a big heel cushion). Good luck


I play in my Asics wrestling shoes and love 'em. Wide enough toe box, completely flat with no cushioning but with a traction sole and the added plus of ankle support for hard cuts and stumbling through a mine field of other feet down low.

Truth be told, while waiting to get my paws in the new Altra Adams and Merrell Barefoot, I use my wrestling shoes for most everything when my VFFs are all out of commission (i.e., in the wash) and I can't go fully barefoot.


One of the new Go-Lite shoes, Flash-Lite or Amp-Lite should have enough padding and zero heel drop. Not sure about the soles.

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