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just wondering if you guys have any recommendations for some good books along the lines of barefoot, minimalist, etc. that interest you. I am looking for some good reading. Next up on my list is Food and Faith. kind of excited for that one. anyhow...


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These are on my prezzie wish-list:


which is reviewed at Amazon:



Um... interesting that you didn't ask anything about running, & I can't run (long story), but I guess that's where my heart lies...


The Barefoot Sisters hiked the AT barefoot (or mostly barefoot). Then when they were done they turned around and hiked back again. They have written two books about it, one for each direction. They are both on my list of books to read:

Barefoot Sisters Southbound:

Barefoot Sisters Walking Home:


The Barefoot Hiker by Richard K. Frazine is probably the first book on barefoot hiking. It was first published in 1993. I believe it is still available from but you can also read it online: I owned this book but passed it to my barefoot running coach. I can recommend it because Richard Frazine writes about barefoot walking technique, footcare etc.


Isha- I am not that interested in the running as much as I am interested the the character aspects of people or groups that run barefoot/minimalist or live in a minimalist way. I find that the two seem to go together a bit because the lifestyle is fitting. I already own Born to Run and have read it a few times. It is very good.

thanks all-


Right ready with reading Jason Robillard: The Barefoot running book - - great information, not only for running, but also how to start after taking shoes off.

I have also ordered Barefoot Ken Bob Saxon: Barefoot running step by step - - which I will get during couple of weeks

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