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Canadian checking in

Hello, Toe Salad people.

Just wanted to drop in and say hi. I'm from Canada and have in recent months become enamoured of less=better footwear. The final straw was a pair of expensive, American-made work boots whose heels, narrow toe-box and curved shank changed my gait so much that I twisted my ankle walking on slightly uneven ground.

Even a costly resole job to a wedge sole made them only slightly more tolerable, and from then on began my little quest for healthier feet and footwear.

Nice to be here.


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Welcome to Toe Salad, it is great to have you here as well! Did you know that this site is run by a Canadian? :-) Where in Canada are you from?


Hiya! Thanks for having me. I reside in Ontario. And no, I really didn't know the site was run by a Canadian. Cool.

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