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Check out the new Fall 2011 line of VFF's!

The boots don't do much for me personally, but the laced KSO Treks (Trek LS) are interesting. The Bormio looks cool, but I am not sure where you could wear it. It definitely isn't for running or exercise of any sort - ankle movement is to restricted. I guess in place of KSO Treks where your ankle would be a bit chilly.

Too bad there is no KSO with laces. I like the ultra-thin sole of the original KSO but laces would be nice vs the current slipper model.


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Do we have any confirmation on these models for the fall line? I was in "Born to Run" (a shoe store in Seattle which sells only minimalist footwear) the other day and the guy who was in there didn't seem to think Vibram would be coming out with anything totally new.


Never trust a salesman for that. If he told you there is nothing new and you are in the market, you now have no reason to wait so will buy from him now. See how that works?

I've not seen anymore on it, but given the new shoes in 2010, I find it inconceivable that there will be nothing new in 2011.


This is very true EdH. Do you know if we have any idea when Vibram will confirm what their fall line will have?

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