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Difference between the men and women's models?


I'm a woman with extra wide feet. I have and love my Bikilas, which are the men's size 40. I was thinking of picking up another pair of VFF for the gym and possibily just regular shoes if I dare! My Bikilas are skin tight, and so I was thinking to maybe try the women's 41 size, but am worried they might be too narrow. Does anyone know how the men's and women's models differ? It is just length, or are the women's shoes narrower?




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From everything I have read, they should be skin tight. Mine are tight but you really don't notice it after a few minutes during the run. Not sure about the widths between the men's and women's models.


The women's VFF are narrower by about 1/8". I prefer the women's as I have a smallish heal and narrow foot. If the Bikila fits well, don't mess around too much with your sizing. With that said, my Flow, Trek, and Bikila fit about the same and less snuggly than the same size in the KSOs. Hope this helps.

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