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Dr. Craig Richards Challenges Shoe Manufacturers

Dr. Craig Richards has challenged shoe manufacturers to step-up and participate in pushing ahead the science behind footwear. You can read about his challenge here:

Also, if you haven't seen it yet, you really need to read the debate that has been going on with Asics on Zero Drop:


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I started to read the link about Asics you posted and wondered why there would be an attitude as if their was some science to be settled. Saying the "nonsense about barefooting... when will it end". The attitude of the author shocked me until I got to..... "one of those very-much-in-the-minority anti-climate change "scientists" who tries to refute global warming data" Sorry but this author is an idiot if he does not realize there is a large majority of scientist pushing back against the lies of man made global warming.......OH don't get me started grrrr But thanks for posting these links Damien it is interesting to realize there is such a debate that our feet can't work on their own LOL

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