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Dress shoes

I wonder if there are such a thing as minimal dress shoes? I am now taking up to 3 tango classes a week and my dress shoes are the only shoes I own with a heel raise. My feet are starting to cramp because of this. I need the hard, slick sole for easy sliding. Also if there are faux raised heel looks that'd be perfect as I see no one else wearing flats.

Any leads? Because ow.


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If you are looking for really dressy shoes, then two excellent options are Russell Moccasin and Flexible Footwear, although both are quite pricey. If you are looking for dressy/casual, then I think VivoBarefoot has some options available.


Check this site out. I saw these the other day and they look really cool. There are a few different dressier & work kinds of shoes here. If you use the code "minimalist" you can save 20% plus anything over $100 in the US is free shipping.


How about finding a pair of slicks that you like and performing a few modification? Take off the heal. Round up the edges. Yank out the insole. Oh yeah, and hem up your dress pants :-)


Have you tried looking at jazz shoes? I don't know about the guy's shoes, but I've seen girl's shoes that have flat, two-part soles on the bottom, and look like standard dress shoes on top.


Jazz shoes. never heard of them. I did a search and found these:

Not bad. .5" heel. I can deal with that. I ended up getting a similar pair from florsheim with a small heel and my feet are much happier. For my future pair I'll have to check out something like those jazz shoes. I don't think it's possible to find flat, leather soles. But I'm finding I can deal with the small heel.

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