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I'd like to hear your foot care regimins... Do you use any particular moisturizers? Do you do anything with your callouses, or keep them as is? Do you have treatments for common problems?


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All i do is use some J/A/S/O/N vitamin E creme on the bottoms of my feet after i get out of the shower. And keep my toenails trimmed, of course :)

I used to use the hemp creme by the same company, but haven't been able to find it recently, so i switched to the vitamin E.


I don't follow any sort of regimen, but I have noticed that since going to barefoot/minimalist, I have way fewer callouses than I used to. In the summer, they virtually disappear for me. In the winter they tend to return with more use of stiffer winter footwear.


Same basic experience as Damien. Trim nails. I am in Atlanta so I've been able to avoid shoes all winter (huaraches only). I do get a little callous build up on my heels that I treat with Bag Balm.

Almost all callous go away in summer as I get more barefoot time.



I've used O'Keefe's Healthy Feet product after showers and at nighttime and it seems to do a great job with rough spots and calluses. I also found a product called "Toe Juice" which is great for peeling or irritation on the feet as well as softening calluses. Here's a link to their site...


I have never had callouses or other foot problems since being barefoot all the time.

When I have had to wear shoes a lot (many years ago) I used to get painful callouses on my little toes. Barefooting has got rid of them naturally. Now I never have shoes on long enough to cause any problems.

I think the best treatment for common foot problems is not wearing shoes, or if you have to, wear minimalist shoes for as short a time as possible.

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