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Funny looks?

When I wear my five-fingers in the gym, I often see people funny and surprised looks. They look an extra time with a very surprised face. But they never ask anything... which perhaps a Swedish thing :-)

Anyway - do you have the same experiences? That people think that you are a bit weird/funny wearing strange shoes?


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When I go to MY gym, I usually get one person that will ask me about them with great interest. Although that has been tapering off lately. I think people are becoming more and more aware of them.

I find that children will stare openly--often with a smile on their little faces...


Funny with the kids looking, I haven't seen that myself.

But perhaps more funny to be banned from the gym?? How did the think? What did you need protection from??


I don't go to the gym but when I'm out running (especially in cold weather) in my sandals I get plenty of weird looks. People make comments to each other and I'm not sure if they don't think I can hear them.

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