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Greetings from Barefoot Michael!

Hey everyone! It's nice to see a community of minimalist shoe fans coming together. When I must wear shoes -- I regularly wear nothing on my feet, but shoes are required sometimes -- I only wear minimalist footwear.

I'm a husband and father of 3 great kids and live in the Kansas City metro area. I work in audio-visual support for an area hospital, so end up walking around our facility a lot. Having logged countless -- we're talking hundreds -- miles working in minimalist footwear, I can tell you first hand that you CAN live exclusively in minimalist footwear or barefoot.

I welcome you to check out my Web site, Barefoot and Grounded, at I talk about all kinds of things there related to going barefoot. I try to stay focused on the practicality of it and dispelling a lot of the negative info that's out there.

I also founded The Primalfoot Alliance in 2010. We advocate for people to go barefoot and find prudent ways to let feet be feet first. Many of us who go barefoot would like to do so in public, but are often shunned by claims of "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service." This is often wrongly backed up with incorrect claims of health codes or laws that prohibit such behavior. If you would prefer to go barefoot when and where you please, join us at

Smiles, Michael


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Michael, thanks for the work you have done to build the awareness and education of barefoot living. I've been to your site a number of times. Perhaps it is time for me to become and affiliate as well.


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