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Greetings from Colorado

My name is Bill and I am a 57 year old "barefoot" runner. I started running in my 20's when I found out it was something I could do because I wanted to, not because the coach was making me run laps because someone in the class did something wrong. It was a revelation.

I would say I enjoy distance running the most,15 miles or more. I have run lots of marathons and have decided to make the jump to ultras. I would welcome any suggestions as to good resources of information regarding ultras.

I converted to barefoot about 3.5 years ago and found it life changing. The sense of freedom and joy I experience is hard to put into words. I do the majority of my running barefoot but if I need a shoe, for trails etc., I go straight to my Invisible Shoes. The 4mm Connect is my shoe of choice whether running or going out for a night on the town. It's a fantastic shoe!

The transition was, and continues to be, an endless source of fascination for me. To say my feet have changed would be a gross understatement. They are the healthiest, and sexiest, ever.

Strong feet, strong body.


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Great to have you join us here. Your comments about having sexy feet got my gears turning... maybe we should have a "sexiest feet" contest on Toe Salad. What do you think? Would you win ;-) ?

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