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I have this shoe. After 2-3 months of only wearing a flat sole, they actually feel funny to me. I mostly wear moccs, imatation Converse without the giant rubber toe cap or sandals.

There are times when I need an actual dress shoe. I kinda doubt I will find one with a completely flat sole and lots of toe room anytime soon. These are stretchy.

Will the heel be hollow? Should I fill it with some kind of shoe goo? What would be best?

Thanks for everything.



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Maybe you'd prefer to use what you've already got, and not blow a pile of money on new shoes, but Merrell and Vivobarefoot both make Mary Janes. I haven't tried them out, because I don't like how Mary Janes look on my feet, but they are out there!

I suspect that removing the heel would leave all sorts of mess on the sole, but I'm curious to hear how it works if you try it.


Eventually I am going to get up the nerve to do this. I think if I sand off as much mess as possible after the cutting I could put on a thin layer of clear bathtub caulk to fill any small holes that were cut in for weight, etc. Or maybe some black car gasket goop since they have a black sole. Assuming it comes in black.

People that make moccs do use caulk and that stuff you dip tool handles in to protect leather soles so it should work.

My DH and I want to go on a trip in Nov, so I'm trying not to buy anything now.

I want to make more of my own shoes, rework what I can, and through the rest out. I'm really getting committed to this.

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