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Hello from Charlotte, NC

Hi everyone - long time runner, short time minimalist. I've run in Vibram KSO's and recently bought a pair of TP Evo II's and I'm in love. Having a great time and looking forward to building up to my first (minimalist) marathon later this year!


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Hello tcrespo! I bet those Evo II's are gonna help in with the snow you're getting in Charlotte right now haha =).


I've heard they're pretty good at keeping out water, etc, but I wasn't willing to give it a shot today. I ended up at the gym on the dreadmill - first time in over a year that I've done it - I absolutely hate it!


Treadmills are a pain!

I live in central NY. The weather here has it's ups and downs, but I like it. I usually get numb toes at the beginnings of my runs with the Evo II's, but after about 10-20 minutes they warm up and the circulation is good. I've been running in 10-30 degree weather lately.

As for keeping out water, they let some in if you're running in puddles and snowbanks for over 1 minute, but the water wicking material Terra Plana used to make them helps move the water out. I'm usually forced to run in snowbanks because of the moderate traffic in my city. Snowbanks are probably the source of my numbness, but it's never been too serious. Also, I've been running without insoles and it's giving me more room for my feet to stretch.

I've never done a marathon, but I plan to this summer. These would handle exceptionally well for a cool NY marathon probably.

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