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Hello from Connecticut

After running with conventional shoes for 40+ years I decided that I wanted to go barefoot/minimalist. So far I have had a bit of a problem with patience, but I am getting my rhythm down and my form seems to be flowing more naturally. I started a blog to follow my journey:

At 58 I've run countless 10k's a bunch of half marathons and 2 marathons. The last was the Hartford Marathon in 2007 with a 3:37 finish, my PB. I cross train with cycling, more other sport passion. Running has gone around the world with me over the years and is the most convenient exercise for travel. I don't think of running as a workout as much as I think of it as my time to meditate and move in a comfortable way.

For runs longer than 12 miles I always gear myself for the body shock afterwards. That is the kind of worn out feeling you get after sending shocks through your body for the hour to two that you are running.

I am now feeling different with minimalist, forefoot striking running. I do believe you have to do some barefoot work to get the sensory feedback, but once you can feel the right form, it is a matter of time. All the cautions about taking it slow to let your calves and feet adjust are absolutely correct. I know. I've pushed it a couple of times and have had minor setbacks as a result.

I am glad to be here and looking forward to sharing the love of running, whether shod or barefoot, with all of you.



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