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Hello from Fort Wayne Indiana

Hello to all, I am from Fort Wayne. I have been here since 1980, having been in the service before that.I was born and raised in New England. Mystic Ct to be exact. Growing up I was never into physical fitness at all. It was not until I was in the Navy Reserve that I took up running as part of the Navy physical Fitness program. Long story short, I have been running for about 25 plus years. I also swim laps 3 days a week.

Recently about 2 months ago I purchased a pair of Vibrams KSO off of Ebay. I started to walk and slow run in them and am now up to 30-40 minutes of a continuous run. I have managed to get a big blister on the bottom of my Right big toe. Having read quite a few barefoot/minimalist sites I corrected my form. Now I run free of aches that I would get with traditional running shoes......


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Actually I liked the look of the shoes. I had read several articles about them before I purchased them. I am now in a learning mode on how to re-run, to put a pun in it! Any further ideas on things to read about these minimalist running shoes?


There is so much info out there, and lots of good info too. Lee Saxby, Dr Mark Cucuzzella, Dr Steven Gangemi... it really depends on what it is you are looking for!

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