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Hello from Grand Rapids, MI

Hello I am Jeremy and I am an employee at Merrell footwear. I received a pair of Trail Glove's in Sept '10 to wear test and it has been the best thing for my running career. 2 months later ran my first marathon in them and this year has already been starting great!

If anybody has any questions on the new Barefoot line at Merrell I will try and answer to the best of my ability and within reason.


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Thanks for joining in Jeremy- the Trail Gloves look like a great minimalist option! Are they still set to be available around the middle of Feb?


Feb 1st is the date they will be available. But there has been a soft launch with select vendors.


Thanks for joining us. I am looking forward to trying out the new Merrell line, not only for running, but for hiking and backpacking as well. I have also heard rumors of future models as well, which may include something waterproof... that intrigues me for winter use.

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