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Hello From Nashville, Tn

I am a 56 year old food service professional. My hobbies include photography, hiking, camping, exercising and cooking. I started getting in shape in September of 2010 and since then I have lost 42 pounds and gone from a 36 inch waist down to 32 inches. I follow a paleo diet (with a few cheats here and there), walk 25 to 35 miles a few and do body weight exercises 2-3 times a week. I have been in and out of shape several times in my life. I have always enjoyed being active and getting out to enjoy nature but it seemed that so many times work, health issues and the lure of my TV and couch seemed to get in the way. When I decided to quit smoking AGAIN in August I wanted to make sure that not only did I not gain weight but actually got in better shape. As it would happen at about the same time I reread Daniel Quinn’s “Ishmael” and “The Story of B” and while doing research online I stumbled across the Paleo/Primal movement. The more I read the more it seemed to resonate with me. Eating and exercising like we evolved doing- what could make more sense than that? I am slowing embracing the diet and exercise philosophy of the Pale movement and loving it so far. Since beginning this journey in September of 2010 my blood pressure has dropped from 138/ 80 down to 118/68, my total cholesterol is now 223; a little high but much better than the 252 it was before. Do more importantly I feel 100% better then I use to, more energy, I sleep better and I am beginning to see a leaner and more muscular reflection in my mirror.


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That is a great transformation story! Great to have you here, it sounds like we share a lot of common interests. Looking forward to getting to know you!

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