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Hello from New Mexico

My name is Sara and I head up the NM contingent of the Barefoot Running Society. We have a small but most excellent group of barefoot and minimalist runners. I'm on my way to the Chicago Marathon in October.

New Mexicans - give a shout!


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hey sara, I ama also originally from NM- i now live in missouri, but hey good to see someone else knows its a state, not a country


I Love New Mexico Ben!! We've been here for a year and can't believe how lucky I am (and how much more conditioned I'll be after running barefoot at almost 6000 elevation). So how's your running?



eh, i took a bunch of unplanned time off because of school and winter and all. but, good news is i'm getting back, trying not to be lazy.

6000ft, huh? are you in the ABQ/Santa Fe area?

how's your running?

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