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Help me find a shoe for climbing over boulders.

I have a hike coming up in July that will require me to do a lot of cross country. This will be a mix of hiking over boulders, some scree, 4 passes that are not on traIl, and possibly some Glissading.

I'm looking for a minimal shoe that I can wear, but I don't want to bruise the bottom of my feet while I'm climbing over boulders or dreddging through scree, this is only my second season wearing minimalist shoes, and probably only my 3rd hike using them, I do wear them all day at work, but I also do a lot of drving, but over all I think my feet are conditioned enough now for backpacking I just want to make sure I don't hurt anything on this trip.

As of now I own Merrell Bare Access, New Balance Minimus, Brockes Cascadia 7, New Balance M730, and a pair of Altra Lone Peak.

If one of these will work, great, but I don't mind buying another shoe to do what I need for this hike.

Thanks, Jack


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Hey Jack, which version of the Minimus do you have? Is it the Minimus Trail (with the 4mm heel), or is it the Minimust Zero Trail?

I don't know your feet and level of fitness, so I can't say for sure, but if you wanted to be on the safe side, then I would say go with the Altra Lone Peaks that you already own. I don't imagine you would need any more shoe than that, as it has quite a bit of rock protection.


Thanks Damien, I like the Altra's, but the problem I have with them is that at the end of the lace's down towards the toe box, over the top of the toes it tends to dig in when I walk, so I don't know how long I could hike in these before it would become a problem. is it just me or have other people experienced this also? I remeber you suggested another Altra for hiking, but I can't remember which one it is for the life of me.



Ah, OK, having more information is always helpful :-) I would definitely not take a shoe that bothers you like that, it will only get amplified after a few rugged days on the trail. They do have a new version of the Lone Peak out now (v1.5), but I haven't tried it yet and thus don't know if it will solve your problem.

I have not tried the MT20 (I have used the MT10 though), but it doesn't look like a bad shoe. In general I like the new balance Minimus line. If you are worried that the MT20 does not have enough rock protection, you may want to look at the MT110. The 110 has the same last as the Minimus, but much more rock protection and a more aggressive sole.

I can't comment on the Brooks, as I am not familiar with that shoe.

Merrell Trail Gloves are my go-to outdoor footwear for all activities requiring coverage but which don't need full-on hikers and have been for years. For this level of scrambling about, they ought to be near perfect.

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