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Hi Everyone

HI Everyone,

I'm Al Gauthier from

I'm excited about this website - it's turning out to be a great resource.<br> About myself - well I live in Melbourne Australia where barefooting is common place. So common in fact that no one takes any notice if I'm barefoot. I shop for groceries, ride transit, and walk around on the streets all the time barefoot and I've never had a comment.

It's wonderful and freeing to be in this type of atmosphere. It's also very normal and logical - they are after all just feet.

What is it like in your neck of the woods?



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Hello Al,

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for testing things out, and all of the contributions you have been making to the directory.

I think the amount of barefootedness that is socially acceptable in an area may be related to the weather. In warm climates with lots of beaches, I suspect people are much more used to seeing bare feet. Here in Maine where it is cold most of the time, bare feet don't come out so often and thus people aren't used to it.

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