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Hi from Barry's Bay Ontario

SO just where is Barry's Bay Ontario? Well it is a small town of maybe 1500 people three and a half hours north of Toronto or two hours north west of Ottawa. I am the on site maintenance and guests services guy. I will try that description because when I say I run a resort people think I own the resort. The reason I am looking at minimalist shoes is to try and alleviate some foot knee and hip issues that have been developing over the last couple of years. I have noticed that a pair of Merrell water shoes I have and a have light pair of NB shoes feel good during the summer but as soon as I switch to a pair of my more serious hikers I have troubles. Since the property I live and work on would be considered more forest floor plus the dirt driveway to the cottages I see it as a great place to be barefoot or close to it......except while using the weed whacker. Just ordered a pair of Rocklite 288 GTX and will post a review in the next month.



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Welcome Geoff, it is great to have you here!

I agree 100%, there is nothing like being on natural terrain with bare feet and/or minimalist shoes.

I have a pair of the Roclite 288 GTX boots that I use for winter and spring hiking. They are pretty good, I just wish they had a more natural shaped toebox.

When summer comes around, you should check out the Altra Adams or the Merrell Trail Gloves. I think they would be perfect for the type of work you are describing.

Let us know how things work out for you, I will be very interested to hear if you are able to resolve your issue.


Thanks Damien, I am happy to have found your site and the info you have put up so far. Found you through outsideways.

I plan to get the trail glove for sure. I have had great success with Merrell and sad to say if minimalist is the way I have to go I have many Merrells I won't be able to wear. You have me worried about the 288's. Your comments and some others say the same about the toe box and then many say there is ample space and they run large. I went with my current shoe size since no one says small and if it is a bit large so be it. Do you find they have lots of flex? I look at the video of them and they never show that. I was digging a cord or so of wood out of the snow today so was wearing my Rocky Buck Stalkers. Great fitting boot based on a running shoe last stiff as anything......toe hurts so I BBQ'd in bare feet, that helped

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