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Hi, from Los Angeles

In 1996 I was a sophomore in high school when I started playing with the idea of shoes that connected the form of the foot to the ground. I think it was during an English class that I started doodling designs. To my chagrin and dismay I lost interest, because that's what sophomore boys do...and pursued teaching, because everyone else told me I should.

A couple years ago I ran my first marathon in some traditional running shoes (Nike Air Pegasus) and damaged my knees and ligaments in my foot...I knew something was wrong. I'm so pleased to see such a burgeoning community of like minded thinkers...and a renaissance in footwear.

I guess I should have dropped out of high school and started making shoes.

Anyway, I love my Vibrams...but I'm really encouraged to see mainstream manufacturers getting on board with 0 drop tech, and super flexible soles.

I'm now a personal trainer, and the first step for all my clients is to get their feet on the ground.

Walk On.


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