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Hi from MD

I'm Tracy, mom of 4 kids, runner as of May 09.

I'm currently sidelined with a strained TFL and ITBS and am considering the transition to a more minimalist shoe, and perhaps one day completely barefoot.

I already walk around barefoot quite a bit and do my PT in barefoot when I'm home (my PT prefers I wear shoes in the clinic). I'm slowly making my way through Chi Running and find it all very interesting.

I'm looking forward to reading and learning from you all.

Take care! Tracy


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Keep reading and practicing your Chi Running posture and alignment so it can start to integrate before you are out there running. We definitely recommend a low profile, flat shoe without stability support. Remember you need also to let your foot and lower leg remember how to work naturally, so take it gradually in your step down toward barefoot. Let us know if we can help.

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