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Hi from NYC

Hey all, looking forward to this. I'm a Feldenkrais movement educator in NYC. I'm thrilled that there are finally more viable shoes hitting the market!



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Hi Damien!

Feldenkrais is a kind of movement education, tapping into the organic way we learned to move in the first place. It provides a rich environment for your nervous system to learn more dynamic options of moving. So it is very much in line with the notion of minimal shoes and barefoot. If you think about the process that we go through when we return to a more neutral stance and increased sensory feedback, that is very much what we are working with in Feldenkrais as well. It's not just about the feet but improved use of the whole self. Sometimes, however, that transition can be challenging, and we get stuck, try to dictate how it should be, or injure ourselves. Feldenkrais can help provide a more systematic, exploratory approach that ensures a safer, intelligent learning process. It is typically done in classes, or one on one, hands on. That's the short version at least! Happy to answer any other questions!

Cheers, Chris

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