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Hi from Quebec city QC Canada

Some of you might already know me from my posts on Barefoot Ted's, Ken Bob's or FRA's (The Fell Runner Association) forums.

I wish I could run barefoot all year long though obviously with Crazy Canucks weather I have to deal with shoes for too many days when running outdoor.

If you plan on going to Quebec city, Montreal or another city in Quebec province let me know. I might be able to make your experience in Quebec province more enjoyfull.

Have fun running! 8:-)



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And for those of you that haven't seen it, this is one of my all-time favorite barefoot photos... Lucs barefoot transformation:

Luc, what do you wear on those feet when you can't be barefoot? Whatever they are, they must be pretty wide!


My feet are not so wide even after transforamtion. I have kinda of smaller hands and feet than the average for men of my height. My feet are wider than standard sizes though it is not such a big deal. I have more problems with the thickness of my feet, actually it has always been an issue even with athrophied feet. As long as the uppper as some flexibility or give factor I can live with this. I also uses severall lacing technique in other to solve this issue (straight bar, alternate straight bar...).

You can follow what shoes I am using on my DailyMile profile here:

Regarding winter running I am telling you when I am running indoor. You also gotta notice that I have to deal with humidity in winter as I am running near rivers most of the time (St-Lawrence and St-Charles).

So my priority is more on the lightness and the flexibily of the sole. It is important imho to have flexibilty not only longitudinally (South-North). Maybe more important or at least underrated by too many shoe designers is lateral flexibility (East-West). I learned that partly instinctively while trying to follow Ken Bob's advice on what should be the 1st phase of landing. I foumd that the only way I was able to it decently was by landing on outer edge of the foot as described by Dr Lieberman here:

So maybe that's why I prefer the old school single density sole.

As long as you can live with sometimes wet feet winters can allow you to run with pretty light shoes thanks to merino wool (a liner with a thicker sock).

Also you gotta know that I am still experimenting with lotta shoes (one of my best friend is nicknaming me Imelda) in order to find maybe 6 or 8 models of shoes that would allow me to run on road, trails and winter. As much as I like Huaraches, VFF and RunAmocs those can hardly do the job in some trails conditions and in winters.

I think I should start a blog (I have been asked to do it by some of my runners friends here in Quebec city). Maybe I should post the English stuff here in the Articles section?


If you start a blog, I would be happy to post any english translations on Toe Salad.

In fact, I have thought that it might be cool if I allowed people to create blogs on Toe Salad, and publish the really interesting stuff to the home page.... Any thoughts?

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