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Hi from Sunnyvale, CA

Hi y'all:

Barefoot hiker convert to VFF. Been using them for few years, like em quite a bit, except the straps on my first pair from a year and 1/2 ago frayed and snapped in Hawaii last week. Will be uploading some cool pics of the VFF's on the rain forest trail in Big Island next.

Great to meet everyone :)



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Hi from Manteca CA and going to Hawaii next week with my VFF treks both me and my wife be interesting to see how they work. I am also taking my new Merrell True Gloves.


They VFF worked great in Hawaii.. Both me and my wife used them in the ocean, on the lava rocks hiking around (not crazy long hilkes, but moderate 4-6 miles). They would ofcourse get wet, but we had enough sun to dry them out :)... I even surfed in them. Have a great time.

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