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I am a mother of 4 boys, our 5th is in Haiti awaiting his paperwork to be processed. I am a barefoot junkie and have been since I was a kid. My mom was always yelling at me to Put my shoes on...but alas my natural inclination to be barefoot won out. Now I have passed that desire on to my children. As we explore the world beyond our home however barefeet aren't really "sanitary" so we have been exploring footwear options for some time. My husband also suffers from back problems and has been told that a change in foot wear could alleviate his problems. We are still in the research phase and have yet to purchase any barefoot foot wear but am loving reading the reviews!!!! They have been so helpful. -Louise


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This morning Damien was checking in here (as he often does) and said to me "hey, there's another mom here with 4 kids and a boy in Haiti" and I knew right away it was you!


From one Barefoot in the Kitchen to another!

Outfitting kids in minimalist shoes can be tricky, hope we can build up a section here of kids shoes and maybe even a swap/sell so people can get their kids in minimalist shoes for cheap. That is if they kids don't wear them out first. In your home with 4 boys I don't imagine much is left to "pass on".

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