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Hello to all. I hike alot. I'm becoming more sold on striking with the forefoot while hiking. I've messed around on a couple mountains with my trail gloves and love it. However I would like more padding. The trail gloves are fun to play with on day hikes, but I'd like more protection and maybe even cushion for any kind of real even fairly light loads(20-30lbs) or bushwacking.<br> I have two questions for you guys: 1.) Has there been any research on the forefoot strike and low cushioning for walking and for load carrying? 2.) Other than Altra and Russell Moccasins should i be considering any other companies that make more cushioned zero drop shoes with really wide toe boxes.

I am planning to attempt an A.T. thru hike in 2012 so the process of training and decision making begins now. Thanks in advance for any replies. Don't forget to bring a towel...


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Check out the Golite line of shoes, particularly the Timber Lite, Amp Lite, and Tara Lite models...


I've done a lot of hiking and backpacking in Chaco sandals, hiking as much as a 28 mile day with my backpack (12lb base weight). While not really minimal, they are a lot more minimal than most hiking shoes. My foot is not constrained by the upper since there is no upper. There's that annoying high arch though. They make them in a wide model which is hard to find.

I keep trying to make my own minimal hiking shoes because it's hard to find a good balance between minimal sole/ground feel and enough cushioning/protection so you don't have to use so much mental energy protecting your feet. I think the Altras may actually be a good compromise but I have not tried them. Not sure about the grippiness of the sole, however.

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