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I'm totally non-atheletic and in fact have had such health issues the last 15 years that I've hardly run at all (and regretted it when I did.) I'm finding minimalist shoes are great at realigning my body in a more healthy way, and I'm slowly becoming more active. (If I can avoid doing Too Much Too Soon and having to take a few days off every other week.) I've been wearing minimalist shoes nearly full time for a couple months now, and off an on for a couple months before that. I'm very crafty, so I'm making my own shoes and having fun doing that.

I have been hanging out on the google huaraches group, but am glad to find a place that's less running-centric.


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I am so glad to have you here too! I love the stuff you are doing, it is very inspirational to see. Keep up the great work!

(Maybe... some time in the future... we could dedicate a portion of the site to DIY shoes...)

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