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I have finally tried on Vivo FiveFingers

I had a podiatrist recommend them to me today. He said he hates to recommend them but since I have no pain barefoot and do have pain in 'shoes' he'd rather see me wear Vivos than moccs since its at least 'some kind of shoe.' I decided to pretend I'd never heard of them and made him explain. He was actually fair.

These moccs are a 2 layer of leather moose hide sole with some foam between. They are hightop Greier. I cut the fringe off because its silly. They have no 'nothing'. Just moose and foam. I feel justified wearing foam because loads of primitives stuff their moccs full of grass and have healthy, strong, perfect, attractive feet. My feet are greatly improved since I got them. I have other moccs too but they are best.

I went to a shoe store and tried on the classic and the driving glove leather moc one. I loved them, but they don't fit.

I wear size 36 shoe and size 38 toes? What's up with that? This is just wrong.

I wandered around the store in the 38 toes dragging loads of empty shoe behind me. Yes, my toes really are that thick. And I've got the baby toe that's folded under and turned sideways. I even got that in the 38 toes. But I still got 36 feet. I would have bought the 'driving moc' ones if they had fit. I could feel the floor in those. They only had 2 very thin bits of soling on the heel and ball, not the whole shoe. I thought the Classics had too much stuff between me and the ground, but I'm used to moccs and its a whole other thing.

Its one of those shoe stores where they have 6 different kinds of carpet. I could not tell the difference between the carpets in the Classics. I expected to be able to do that becaue of all the talk. If you only use leather, you can. And if you don't drag your feet, leather lasts a long time, even in town.

They also had a pair of men's boots that were so professional you could wear them to nearly any job. I bet they sell a million of those.


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