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I need a good boot

Hey, I've been poking around your website and decided you seem like the guy to ask my question. On the 3rd of June my husband and I will be going to the Olympic Peninsula and then also to Colorado. I was looking into the Lems Boulder Boot as an option for out hiking and camping excursions. I can't imagine that we will be able to make big big hikes because earlier this year I sprained my ankle pretty badly. I am interested in finding boots that will reduce the possibility of this EVER happening again because it sucks so much. Lems are interested to me because of the natural toe splay and flat sole (I think that this might reduce the possibility of my ankle rolling??) I seriously love hiking and hope that you may have a suggestion?? I also don't have a ton of money- the Lems are at the top of what I can pay. Any ideas? Thanks in advance,


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I don't know anything about that particular boot, but I do know about ankle sprains. I found I was always twisting my ankles in regular footwear, I now wear minimalist shoes/boots always with no problems. Merrel Pace glove (no longer available and Merrel narrowed their lasts, shame) or Vivobarefoot trail something-or-other (sorry, forgot model) for most conditions, Vivo tracker for ankle protection - not support, more for abrasion and getting crap in the shoes. A bit late for your trip (quiet on this site lately, it seems) but as long as you've strengthened your feet and legs for minimal footwear, you should be less likely to sprain your ankle - at least that's been my experience. Happy hiking.

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