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Introducing: ME!

Hi, I need Adams!

Hiker, Gear Maker, Big-Haired Lunatic.

Not really a runner, but obsessed with LW minimal footwear that actually lets my toes splay (yeah not you Inov8), and doesn't have any useless heel rise or arch destroyers.

Currently wearing Soft Star RunAmoc lites, but the toe box still isn't really wide enough. I'm thinking about killing a goat and making some of these to get me through the winter:

Although I am a vegetarian, which makes it harder. ;\


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Excellent! All minimalist footwear vegetarian gear-making lunatic hikers are welcome around here. As for the big hair, I won't hold it against you ;-)


Thanks Damien, I'll sleep well knowing that, I already had my pillow set for cry sesh. :~\

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