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I am a Chef, a father of three, and a runner. I wear my snow and ice Run Amocs in the kitchen despite the gentle ridicule of my cooks. I've been running for a year and a half now. Initially I saw running as a cheap, stress free way to trim fifteen years of fat from my useless blob of a body. But what started as a means to an end became a passion. I was no longer running to get in shape; I was in shape because I loved to run. Over the past year and a half I've been experimenting with various footwear starting with the shoes I used to mow the lawn in to a pair of high heal, one pound, foam blocks, to the Green Silence, to the FF Trek, to home made huaraches, and finally to my beloved 2mm sole run amocs. I tried them in the kitchen but they didn't have enough grab on the wet greasy floors, so I had to get another pair with the snow and ice sole and get the smooth rather than the perforated leather due to food getting trapped in the little holes. I'm taking a break from running through these cold months, allowing the feet to recover. It takes a long time for them to heal if injured due to the 10 - 12 hours per day in the kitchen. Various problems persist. I'll get into those later. Our new baby boy was born on December 30, in our tub, at our house. Just passed him to the wife to nurse after holding him for an hour while I cleaned the kitchen and made myself some coffee. Pleased to meet you.


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