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Make your own tab sandals

Damien suggested I share this but you probably already saw this if you read the barefoot ted huarache group.

Anyway, I made some leather 4-tab sandals. They require a little bit more effort and tools than making a pair of huaraches, but they are very comfortable and there's no toe thong to chafe. I really hate the toe thong.

I posted pictures on Flickr.

I wore these sandals today walking to and from work. They really felt great. They feel secure (no weird slipping around or straps sliding down or worrying about knots breaking) yet totally unobtrusive to my feet.

If you think you want to try them, maybe you can figure out the instructions in my link. Since I took the picture of all the leather pieces straight on, you can probably print that out, cut out the shapes and if they are too big or small, just use the zoom on the xerox or something to resize the shapes.


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Those are nice.

FWIW, you can use a similar lacing style with huaraches and eliminate the "toe thong" and knots -- see Sonja's and Kelly's videos: Barefoot Sandals Tying Styles


Another traditional tying style is the waraji tying style. It requires some extra holes, but would use all three existing ones. This comes from the opposite side of the globe, but the same basic premise of a soft sole tied on to the foot as a sandal.


Is there a photo (or, better, a video) of the waraji style tying? I can find videos about making the sandals themselves, but not of the tying style.


Although there seem to be a lot of ways to tie it, just like Huarache tying can be individual. Different monistaries have specific tying styles. I think the key is the extra tie-down points, so the tension is more evenly spread around the foot.

Historical references suggest an extra cord accross the instep is necessary for muddy/snowy conditions.


P.S. Make sure your virus checker is up to date before searching for waraji, and preferably use a browser like Chrome that won't even load malicious pages. My search results had more than the average share of nasties...


Good advice about the virus checker!

And good pointers to the pics (the 1st one is a bit tricky to figure out).

But, yes, you're right, if you just add 2 more holes to the Invisible Shoes, you can do something just like those (or VERY similar).

Thanks for the pointer.


The first one comes from toe to instep holes, parallel with foot to ankle holes, through heel loops, back to instep hole, then cross the foot, wrap around ankle and tie.

The second one is more obtuse to me. Toe to instep holes, cross foot to ankle holes, and then something odd around the heel... Perhaps sending one tie through the heel loops, and pulling the rope between the ankle and heel into a loop over the ankle, and with both ends now on the same side, put them throught that loop and pull to tension? Then wrap ends around the ankle and tie.


Actually, you could TOTALLY do that... the lacing would be only a tiny bit different, since you would need to go around the heel. But otherwise, it's just adding 2 holes at the mid-foot (and having a LONG lace)

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