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Mini-Mil Boots

Does anyone have experience with theses

Thans, Jack


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Thanks Damien,

I think I can live with a 5mm drop in this boot for back country travel over rough terrian.

I just used my Merrells this weekend on a 3 day trip that only covered about 15 miles, but it made me relize, I don't like gaitors, my feet just get to dirty and nasty.

I prefer a boot over gaitors to keep the rocks and dirt out, now I understand all those people doing the PCT talking about foot maintenance. When I used to wear heavy boots I never had an issue with rocks or dirt, just sweaty feet, but they were clean and blister free.

Hopefuly this will be a happy medium for my hiking style. Jack


I don't like how hot boots seem to get. I think it would be interesting to see a high, flexible boot that was made out of a quick-drying, well ventilated material other than leather. Maybe too much dirt would get in through the fabric though.

I have these. They are great, IMHO. Very comfortable. Obviously they are slightly heavier than vibrams, but way lighter than normal combat boots. Good protection on the soles, I am not concerned about rocks out on the trail even with a heavy pack. (My vibram bikilas do sometimes lead to bruised feet). Nice wide toe box. I don't mind the 5mm drop, since there isn't really any other option. I don't notice it. I have also worn these for heavy lifting in the gym and they performed very well, like I was glued to the ground. The ankle "sleeve" as it were is very light and thin, but does not lack support. It has extra reinforcement wrapping around the ankle area. Since I live Las Vegas I appreciate less heat. Some people have reported that they think they "run small" but I ordered my normal size and they fit perfectly. If you need duty boots for police work they also have black ones with polishable toes - the tan ones are sueded.


Thans for the input CW,

I did get a chance to wear the boots, and they ran a little small on me, but I didn't have enough time to send them back for a replacement before my hike so I just returned them for a refund. Overall I really like the booot and fit I just need to order the right size, it was about a half size to small, I may even be able to jump up one full size to allow for foot swelling.

If I reorder another pair I'll be sure to repost my review.



I've had these boots "the black ones" for over a month now. They are very durable and very comfortable. There are a view videos on youtube that talk about them. There was a spot on my ankle when I first got them that rubbed a little, but that is now gone. I went one size bigger than what I normally wear and they fit great! The toe box is nice and wide and it allows my foot and toes to move in the way they need too. You can also feel the ground pretty well in these.

After 2 foot surgeries I needed to change my footwear. These boots are great since I spend most of my days in them for my job. I also bought the desert tan as well! Can't go wrong with this boot!

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