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Minimal Boundaries?

I run in the Saucony Kinvara and preview pair of the Peregrines. Can I review these shoes? They are both what I would classify as transitional, useful moving from traditional trainers toward a minimal platform.

Otherwise all I can review are my bare feet, my rock climbing shoes, and my neoprene wetsuit boots. And stocking feet too.

And I bought my wife a pair of Saucony "classic" something or other from the discount shoe place. Those are retro track shoes, but they are super light and almost totally flat. 50 bucks. They fit in the rotation somewhere.

I guess it seems that minimal running and the mid-foot gait are rewarded by changing things up often. One of the greatest failings in my previous shoe mentality was the thinking that I only needed one pair of trainers, shoes that I would run in every day without variation.

Variety = good

I hope Toe Salad can help me find my first pair of zero drop shoes, but I would love to contribute on the way!


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found the links etc. but perhaps a link on the actual directory page would be useful and intuitive.

I hope you can make some $ at this, I think it could end up as a full time job!

Great concept for a socially networked site


I think someone added the Kinervas to the directory... I am not familiar with this shoe, so I am not sure if it is the one you have or not...

You are saying you would like to be able to post links at the main directory level? I had someone else ask to have links posted at the brand level as well...

Well, the plan is to try to make money on this eventually. Whatever I do, I want it to be tasteful and professional. The last thing I want is a site plastered with irrelevant ads!

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