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Minimalist running for those in the Military

Link from the Army Times. Minimalism is being embraced in some areas/units, but there's still some die-hard resistance to anything not "traditional".

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Thanks for the great link. Still working on figuring out why some users are having problems posting links to the directory... sorry about the bug.


Yeah, that article had me frustrated. I'm not sure why my emotions stirred so. I don't plan on being in the army, but the benefits to minimalist shoes, particularly to stealth, would be worth looking into especially for special units such as sniper teams. I have a shod friend who was hoping for a sturdy pair of minimalist boots for hunting... ground feel and quietness was what he was looking for. Same principles. What's the deal?


I am at the Naval Academy, and have been seeing more an more people using five fingers. Should be interesting when a tipping point is reached to see what the higher ups say.

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