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need a shoe that will take super wide super deep feet and tough enought for an orthotic

I went to PT today about my knees. My knees look like this. )( And I've been aware of it since I was a teenager so it didn't just happen.

Apparently, the fact that my feet are too rigid and that I am standing on them wrong doesn't help. I wore moccs. I always wear them except when it rains, then I wear $10 canvas tennis shoes.

They want me to wear a hard orthotic. It would bust through a cotton tenny in a day and a leather mocc in a week.

Since I had 3 foot operations, I went about 3 years in house slippers and then discovered shoes did not fit me anymore. My feet are very wide, very deep top to bottom and very, very sensitive to pressure. I told this to Ms High and Mighty and she was not impressed.

I'd rather keep wrapping a hunk of leather around each foot than suffer pain in my feet to make my knees better. And when I wore the orthotics, I can't say I was much better.

I'm sure I could go to the state capital and pay zillions to get ugly shoes custom made, but I'm not going to pay zillions or wear ugly shoes. I won't pay more than $100 for a pair of shoes. Ok, I might, but they better be awesome.

I wore combat boots for 20 years and I'm never wearing ugly or hard shoes again.

I have an other appointment to see her again on Oct 31. If I order invisible shoes tonight, will I have them by the 31 to annoy her? I will wear them if it snows that day.



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I went to get my knees stronger, not to have my feet dragged into this. I know all my bones are connected and I quit orthodics after wearing them for 10 years, at which time my original complaint of plantar fascitits magically went away.

No orthotics plus bed rest and lack of shoes made it stop, even after they told me it was incurable.

Now the PT wants me to have them to align my knees. I'm not happy.

Thanks for your shoe suggestion.


I pronate a great deal. And I don't wanna wear the orthotics. But I don't want my knees to hurt either. I actually went barefoot all day except for when I was there.

I know the PT thinks I sound childish.

I just ordered boots from Soft Star. You know half the fun should be being able to feel the sheep skin, not having it covered up by unfeeling hard plastic.

That even sounds childish to me. Crap on a crutch. I'm a 49-year-old whiny little kid.



I wonder if Barefoot Science footbeds could help you work through this issue? Yes, they are an insole but they are designed to actually strengthen the foot (the arch most specifically), unlike an orthotic which actually weakens the foot. Perhaps by doing an intensive arch strengthening program, your knees will straighten themselves out.

We did a review on them a while back, this is the link:

Something worth noting is that the Barefoot Science system is designed such that you don't need them when you are done, whereas orthotics are for life.


SOOooo when you went barefoot all day did your knees hurt at the end of the day you didn't say? Do you pronate when you are barefoot? Have someone other then the Doc take a look and see. Barefooting or minimalist footwear particularly over uneven ground will strengthen your body. Find places that have small uneven ground even if it is just an unpaved inner city park to work the feet over. And do checkout the inserts Damien mentioned. I think our articles section has some good info about this


I've known about the pronation about 12 years and my knees do hurt if I'm barefoot. I actually know how to "pull my feet together" and hold them correctly so I don't pronate, but since my knees tilt in, my ankles sag down on the inside and there it is.

My knees hurt if I wear shoes or not. I couldn't say if a "normal" shoes adds to my knee pain, but I know it adds to my foot pain. Actually, it is my foot pain.

I am definately going to check out the insole system. Of course, most of my life, I've had "great" shoes with lots of arch support and ankle support and I think this is the 1st time in my life I've been able to flex my toes at all.

There may be a store about 70 miles away that sells Lemings. I'm going to check on them next time I need shoes.

Thanks for all the help. You guys are awesome.

I use Altra Lone Peaks or Merrell Bare Access(one size up)with hard shelled orthotics. Both are roomy for ladies shoes. Had to get the flange (part that presses into the shoe's side) cut off, requested zero heel elevation and the thinest top cover insole. The orthotics are flexible in the toe area. Tried to used the minimalist shoes without added support and my knee caps ached so ended up adding the hard orthotics rotating with softer inserts. I too might try gradully adding the insole system mentioned to the quiver. Lemings are a good fit perhaps a bit looser in the ankle. I plan to aquire a pair when the winter version come out.

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