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New Merrell Barefoot Site

Merrell has just released a new barefoot site:



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Just wondering if you have tested these shoes yet. They remind me of VFF with the the individual toe shelves. They look like they have a roomier toe box. Which is exactly what I need. Thanks Greg


My boys have a 5K run at the end of March. I've been training them barefoot to help get their form correct. They now run about 1.2mi barefoot and it is time to get them some shoes. They abhor how the VFF's look but like the Gloves Merrell has, so we are ordering those for them. They seem a bit hard to come by. I've seen no one with the Tough Glove and very few with the True Glove. Seems the Trail Glove is the only way to go.

I'll be curious to see how they work. I'd like a pair, but I only am interested in the Tough Glove.

For running though, I'll stick to VFF's. I am running a half the same day as their 5K, 8mi trail, 5mi asphalt. Looking forward to giving my VFF KSO Treks a good workout.


I signed up with Merrell to be notified when the Trail was available. When I got the email a couple of days ago, I couldn't resist and ordered a pair. So I'll post something once I give 'em a go...


I just ordered my pair from Running Warehouse last night and they will be here on Friday. Use CP15 in team discounts to take 15% off the total. Really looking to take this shoe for a run this weekend!


My only previous experience with minimal shoes are my VFF Sprints. These are a great improvement over those for me. The fit is great, the toebox is huge, the lacing system is flexible, they are very light, and they have just enough tread to be useful on trails and winter crud. I have zero complaints with them. I look forward to putting them on for my runs!

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