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I'm not a runner, a walker, or really an exercise hobbyist at all. Just a guy with a bad foot. Let me explain:

About a year ago, I began having foot pain in my left foot. Right in the arch. Shoes with any support whatsoever became miserable to wear. My doctor said it was plantar fasciitis....whatever. I can go a week in flip flops and feel awesome, but kick on the Adidas's and it's miserable.

My question is...most of the "barefoot" or "minimalist" shoes that i've researched are recommended for running, but i've never seen seen anything for just regular use...home, work, walking around town, etc. Any suggestions from a pro?



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I've been wearing vivobarefoot shoes for years now, as just regular everyday shoes. I'm also a fan of camper's "contact earth" models which are on the minimal side as well (but nowhere near the level of vivobarefoot). vivo will be your best bet, as they have styles for all use cases!


As osi says, Vivobarefoots are good, then there are Soft Star, different moccasin brands, Kigo... quite a few different brands to choose fro actually. Flip through the directory and look around, then if you have any questions regarding a particular brand/model, ask us in the forum!

I think it is great to have non-runners here, rest assured you are not the only one who isn't!


That's one of my favorite things about toe salad. It's not a website that is only about running. "All things minimal footwear". When I first started getting into minimal footwear I didn't like running at all. I was just another outdoor adventure loving guy who got sick of my heavy sandals! I got interested in running because of the minimal/barefoot running movement and now I've become one of the runners!

Good to see you here!


I'm not a runner either. I have fibromyalgia, and I find that minimalist footwear resolves some of my major aches and pains. I'm trying to be more active now that I'm feeling better, but for me "more active" is a half mile stroll in the evenings.


Not a runner and will never be. This summer I used Teva zilch and huarache sandals everyday to work, play and gardening. Will use Altra instinct this winter more, last time I wore them was helping a friend move furniture. I've done series of 30sec sprints in Merrill trail gloves. Have a pr of Vivo dharma that I use for dress occasions. Also have VFF that I wear periodically.


I'm not built to run.....bear weight, carry loads but not run. I hear ya. Drives me nuts how there are hardly any articles on barefoot walking. Maybe everyone thinks it goes without saying. All the shoes for runners will work for us. I for one have been barefoot all day every day 8 months now but where I live and work makes that possible. I still have problems walking on the gravel pathways after 5 or 6 hours of work and I swear I have developed more plantar fascitis since going barefoot. HOWEVER I was stacking wood yesterday so put on a pair of Merrell water shoes that I use to use without insoles.....WOW my heels are killing I am almost lame. Going barefoot today made me feel better.

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