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"One Day Without Shoes" Movement

Yeh, at first when I saw this I thought London had seen the light, but read on. Have you ever seen anything more barmy??

"Many children in the developing world grow up barefoot, putting them at increased risk of injury and soil-transmitted diseases. Children whose families cannot afford to keep them in shoes also risk missing out on their education, as shoes are often a required part of their school uniform" (my italics).

Easier solution: leave shoes out of compulsory school uniform. Duh, duh and double duh.!/TOMS


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The best thing that could happen is to get barefootists to infiltrate and hijack the event to spread the word of the benefits of shoeless. That message is as hard to get across as is the message that carbs are not required in our diet and I am having a tough time convincing people of that.

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