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shoes for commuting?

I read the blog here by googling the BIOM Lite and then I realized that I am entering a new world. I am now so interested of becoming a barefoot walker. My feet and legs are not strong. If I stand in the subway car for more than 30mins, my feet will feel pain. I want to practice my feet. Will you please recommend a pair of shoes as my first minimalist shoes? On my way to the work, I have to walk for about 20 mins and then take 40 mins subway, mostly stand in the car. Do you think it is a good idea to ware a shoes like that? e.g. the BIOM Lite/Grip or OTZ300GMS? thank you for your help.


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The Biom lites are a good choice because you can start with the original insole with 6mm drop and when you are used to them you can put a 0mm drop insole in the shoes. Take a look at the shoes from Vivobarefoot and Merrell too. 20 min. walk is a good time to start with. When standing in the subway car you can do some foot and lower leg excersises.


I agree with Huib. He has more experience with the BIOM Lite, as he was the one that reviewed them. I would only recommend the OTZ shoes if you got them with the flat cork insole, otherwise they have way too much arch support.

Because you are only using the shoes for walking, I would say don't be too afraid of going really minimal. In that regard, you might want to look at Feelmax too.


hi guys thanks for all the ideas! There is a local ECCO store and I went there to try the BIOM Lite. But they only have BIOM GRIP. It's not bad. And there is a huge discount on ECCO's website...( 99, compared to 160, but I think there are only 2 or 3 pairs left for the discount price) So I got one Biom Grip :) Except commuting, I will also do the hiking practice. I hope next time I will go to buy a Feelmax, which seems more powerful than the Biom.

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