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Summer is here - shoes off, new look for toesalad

Haven't been to the site in a while, and what a surprise when I got here. It looks great.

To make this relevant to the topic, it's finally warm enough here in Newfoundland to kick off the shoes. Nothing beats barefoot gardening, I love the feel of moist soil. Not so keen on the gravel driveway I have to traverse to reach the shed, though... I hope my feet toughen up soon!


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Great to see you again, glad you like the site!

I have heard of people training their bare feet in the winter by stepping around in a bucket of gravel while watching TV (or something like that). Probably a little too extreme for most, but I have thought about trying it some day to see what my feet are like at the beginning of summer.


Ha! I'm not that dedicated. I was wandering around today barefoot, and noticing that they're tougher already. Actually, I suspect it's less a matter of toughening than acclimatizing nerves. The soles of my feet are rather leathery (I'd give a pedicurist a coronary, I'm sure) so it's probably a matter of tuning down the nerve sensitivity after a winter of thicker footwear.

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